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“Davis has folded together two historical eras in this breezy historical novel that jumps between Gilded Age and Reagan-era New York City… [she] overlays the two histories beautifully. . . The book, rife with historical description and architectural detail, will appeal to design and history buffs alike.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Fiona Davis delivers her fans a richly layered historical plot that explores the stories and rumors of one of Manhattan’s most prestigious residences: The Dakota. From socialites to failed careers to amazing characters never to be forgotten, this is one of 2017’s most glorious NY-based tales and needs to be enjoyed before summer ends.”
Brit + Co

“Lively and detail rich—set against the backdrop of NYC’s infamous Dakota building — with a thread of mystery that makes it easy to enjoy, hard to put down.”
— Family Circle

“For fans missing Downtown Abbey, The Address offers 19th-century household drama, though the book is ultimately more in the spirit of Sarah Waters’ novels, particularly The Paying Guests and Affinity, and Alexis Coe’s Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis. The Address is compelling, historically minded fiction with unexpected—and entertaining twists and turns...the novel delights...”
Ms. magazine

“Davis' characters will remind readers that sometimes, we have more in common with strangers than we think.”

“Lively and detail rich—set against the backdrop of NYC’s infamous Dakota building—with a thread of mystery that makes it easy to enjoy, hard to put down.”
Family Circle

The Address transported me through the grand doors of the Dakota building, and right into the hearts of its inhabitants. Rich in historic glamour and hugely enjoyable.”
— Eve Chase, author of Black Rabbit Hall and The Wildling Sisters

“An evocative and intriguing story of love, class, secrets, and pasts, The Address tells the tale of two very different working women who lived almost a hundred years apart and the mystery that may or may not connect them and link their fates.  Set at one of the most historic and glamorous apartment buildings in Manhattan, the book is this summer's perfect beach read.”
Wendy Lawless, New York Times bestselling author of Chanel Bonfire and Heart of Glass

“Davis’s enthralling new novel follows two women living and working a century apart in the same building: The Dakota. . .Historically rich and poignant on matters of gender, social and economic in­equality, The Address is old New York at its finest.”

"A superb tale, masterfully told, with splendid detail and historical accuracy."
Andrew Alpern, author of The Dakota: A History of the World’s Best-Known Apartment Building

“With her nimble writing style, Davis makes pithy commentary on gender, social and economic in­equality in both eras. In the earlier setting, one fallen woman is carted off to an insane asylum, while an­other retains her status by dint of being in a respectable marriage. In 1985, Melinda dismisses servants without a second thought and treats Bailey just a little bit better. This thought-provoking book makes you wonder what Edith Wharton would have made of these Camdens and pseudo-Camdens. Thankfully, Davis is here to tell us.”

"Davis is unquestionably a skillful storyteller and historian. . .The Address is a fine follow-up to her first novel and an indicator of strong work to come"
Chicago Review of Books

"A delicious tale of love, lies and madness."

."The author did an amazing job weaving fact and fiction seamlessly. . . If you enjoy historical fiction, you should definitely add this book to your must-read list."
— Seattle Book Review

“As a mother, there were parts that ripped my heart out; as a wife, there were parts that maddened me despite loving the protagonist; and as a woman, I felt frustration and pride in varying measure. I adore a book that grabs me, makes me think, analyze and feel, and Davis’ latest delivers. Full of questions and angst, forbidden love and self-discovery, history and mystery, The Address is a great read that is expertly crafted. Readers know they are in the hands of a confident storyteller.”

“Spanning over 100 years, Fiona Davis’ mystery is packed with deceit. Sara, the manager of the Dakota apartments, has an affair with Theo, a married resident. A century later, Bailey finds an artifact in the building that ties her to Sara – and Theo's murder.”
Us Weekly

"New York’s most famous residence, the Dakota, is its own character in this historical novel by Davis, author of The Dollhouse, which was set in the Barbizon Hotel for Women. In The Address, two women’s lives are intertwined in the Dakota. Although they lived 100 years apart, they share an apartment in common."
— NY Post’s “must-read books

“If you’ve ever been to New York City, chances are your walk through the Upper West Side led to an acute fascination with one of its most famous buildings: The Dakota. This is the novel that dives into all the secrets, madness, and mystery surrounding this esteemed residence. Fiona Davis again proves she is the master of the unputdownable novel.”

“In her follow-up to The Dollhouse, Fiona Davis leaves behind the Barbizon Hotel, a former all-woman's hotel on New York's Upper East Side, in favor of the famed Dakota on Central Park West, where the intertwining stories of a British housekeeper-turned-murderer and former Manhattan party girl with a penchant for interior design unfold. It's Maid in Manhattan meets The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

“Let this evocative novel sweep you away to another time and place.” 

“Two women, connected but a century apart, find intrigue and hardship in the Dakota, New York City’s landmark apartment building. Its fascinating history — mixed with romance, family discord and murder — makes this a fast-paced read.”
—Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“A fascinating, well-knit story lodged in historical fact.”
—Read It Forward

"Did you read Fiona Davis’ debut novel The Dollhouse? It is a stunning dive into 1950s New York City that you’ll be compelled to read in one sitting. Then you’ll be eager for the release of The Address, her new novel that weaves an unforgettable, centuries-spanning tale of life and love in The Dakota, NYC's most famous apartment house."
Southern Living